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How to Promote Your Eco-friendly Initiatives on Social Media

We live on a pretty neat planet and we’re glad to share it with y’all. Our world deserves a tremendous amount of respect for its numerous abilities. Heck, the transitions from the Hadean Era (in which our beloved globe was covered in hot lava) to the *more recent* Ice Age (which ended about 11.5 thousand years ago) illustrate Mother Nature’s knack for successful rebrands.

Earth is likely going to be around much longer than we will, so it’s up to us to make sure we’re good guests. If your brand is on board with leaving the world better than you found it, then people will love hearing about the steps you’ve taken to become more sustainable. PromotionWorld wants to help you get the word out with some ways to promote your eco-friendly initiatives on social media.

  1. Create campaigns that raise awareness around sustainability. When you invest in creating products and services with sustainability in mind, be sure to quantify this in some way your audience will understand. For instance, highlight how you’ll plant a tree with every purchase, power your offices with solar energy, etc.
  2. Give your customer the badge of a hero. Make your customer the hero of your story and they’ll want to support the story. Post content highlighting the positive impact of purchasing one of your products. Change starts at the individual level, and that means your customer.
  3. Show behind-the-scenes of your sustainable action. While you talk the talk, show your audience you can walk the walk too. Social media is the perfect forum for a video diving into the tangible sustainable practices you’re invested in. If your initiative is to save water by using recycled materials, show people how much water is being saved. Or share some photos of where and how you’re planting those trees you promised.

Everyone can get on board with sustainability. Don’t miss the remaining promotion strategies.


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