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How to Protect Your Company in a World of Disruption

Y’know that feeling when you’re driving somewhere super familiar and, all of the sudden, you’re just… at your destination? When autopilot takes over and you basically black out the whole drive?

In this case, familiarity = mindlessness, and it doesn’t just happen driving to and from work. It can happen in work, too. This is how today’s Listen starts—addressing the necessary change in our environment so we can stay sharp, productive, and happy. Disruption, as it turns out, is crucial in protecting ourselves and our team against, well, disruption.

In this episode of Building a StoryBrand podcast, Whitney Johnson, author of Disrupt Yourself, shares how to prepare yourself and your team to manage change in an age of disruption… (Wow, how many times are we going to say “disruption”?)

The interview starts around 08:00. Here’s what to expect:

  • (08:45) What disruption really means
  • (09:10) What it means to disrupt
  • (09:35) How disruption is predictable
  • (09:50) Other examples of markets that have been completely disrupted
  • (10:45) Coping with and harnessing change
  • (11:00) Why change is not linear but instead an “S Curve”
  • (11:25) Whitney’s role in diagnosing where companies are in the “curve of change”
  • (12:40) How the S Curve can be used in the psychology of disruption
  • (15:25) How to properly distribute your employees on the S Curve – where to put capable employees vs. where to put new employees
  • (20:00) What the accelerated pace of technology means for learning and how quickly employees hit the top of their S Curve
  • (25:45) How to get ready for the next disruption and how to get to a new S Curve
  • (26:00) The S Curve’s “sweet spot”
  • (27:25) How to build an A-team and be the kind of boss people love to work for
  • (29:40) One of the enemies of disruption
  • (30:40) The value of hiring employees without thinking in terms of them being permanently in that role…
  • (31:20) The “gift” of disruption

P.S. Building a StoryBrand also does a great job at summarizing this one for all of you who love a good read.


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