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How to Rank for “Best” Keywords

What do consumers really want? Pretty simple. We just want “the best.” The best everything. The best socks for running, the best shampoo, the best noise-canceling headphones to block out your annoying coworker whose name rhymes with Lyle.

With wanting the best everything, we often lean on Google to know the best everything. Searches for “best” keywords are increasing at a crazy rate year-over-year. No signs of that trend slowing down either.

So how do you rank for the “best” keyword? Today’s Listen has the answer:

  • (01:30) Give up the goal of ranking for “best” keywords. Searchers usually won’t trust a blog published by Company A saying they are the best in the biz. Searchers tend to trust 3rd-party websites more for these searches.
  • (02:28) Instead, you should leverage the current 3rd-party websites who already rank for that “best” keyword.
  • (02:37) Go to those 3rd-party websites that rank for your desired keyword, reach out to them, and offer to pay them to place you in that article. Here’s a template for this approach.
  • (04:30) Pitch and create new content for 3rd-parties. Find one of those 3rd-party websites with higher domain authority than your website, and pitch them the blog post idea that you think would rank really well for that “best” keyword.
  • (05:52) Use dates! If you are hellbent on ranking for “best” keywords, add a date to your title. For example, “The Best Air Conditioners to Buy in 2018.” If this is already competitive in your industry, go deeper by adding the month as well as the year.
  • (07:40) Let searchers know they’re getting unbiased results. That means you truly have to be unbiased and explain your methodology behind your rankings.

Good news/bad news: Today’s Listen is actually a video. But, there’s a link to the audio version on the page and there’s also a full blog post that goes along with this. You can really consume this one however you want.


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