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How to set up social media automation to save serious time

As much as we love social media, even we have to admit – it’s tedious. Luckily, SproutSocial is guiding us with actionable steps to streamline our social presence.

1. Schedule social posts. You’re probably already doing this. After all, it eliminates pressure, saves time, and helps visualize your content. Many social media platforms already offer the ability to schedule posts in advance. But there are also 3rd-party services like SproutSocial, Later, or Agorapulse.

2. Use chatbots to be available for your customers. Chatbots should be used to add convenience to a user’s experience. Here’s a solid example, not only does SEPHORA’s Facebook bot answer basic Qs, but it’s also capable of routing customers directly to an agent.

Tools: Chatfuel, Mobile Monkey, ChatterOn

3. Save and repurpose replies. Countless customer inquiries come in through social whether it’s pricing concerns, deliverability, complaints, etc. Keeping a record of communication can speed up response time in the long run.

We’re not saying track every single interaction. But when there’s a pattern, record your response that way you have a template built for the future.

4. Automate reports to share with colleagues or clients. Just about all social platforms have analytics to help you make decisions about your content. But tailoring those metrics into useful, easy-to-read data can be a manual job if you don’t have the help of a 3rd-party tool.

Tools: Whatagraph, Google Analytics, or Databox

5. Curate valuable content. Yes, social media is social. While you’re trying to automate the process, don’t forget to maintain human connection. A good rule of thumb is keeping the tone conversational, or laid back. And throw in emojis when it makes sense.

Remember, you’re looking for automation to supplement your branding not replace it. This is the way…


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