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How to Stay Creative With an SEO-Driven Content Strategy

The heck with SEO! We’re fueled up and ready to write a full book about how banana pancakes are the perfect mid-day snack. But, we’ll resist.

We have to talk about how focusing on organic growth doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your creative freedom. Moz is going to show us the way on this topic.

1. Tap into your inner investigative reporter to grab insights from experts. After getting tied up from writer’s block, nothing will get you more fired up than talking to someone who genuinely loves the subject you’re attempting to write about. An expert can

  • offer inspiration to get the writer wheels going.
  • provide quote that can be presented as valuable tips.
  • add a perspective that emphasizes your main point.
  • allow human-emotion to shine through

2. Turn boring into Mona Lisa level-content. As marketers, writing is a large chunk of our job. And the end result offers advice and value to fans. To level-up, make your boring content exciting by finding the human angle.

Focus on the bigger picture and the search journey a consumer may take. The user asks Google a Q. Google then offers the top 10 resources, plus Related Search links or what People Also Ask boxes.

Tip: Get clear on the human angle by asking yourself, “why would I ever search for this topic?”

3. Shake it up with multi-media marketing. Struggling to write it out. No biggie. Chat about it on a podcast, get adventurous with a video, play around with a creative, or dabble with an infographic. All are fantastic alternatives to generate traffic to your site.

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