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How to Succeed in a Distracted World

Technology Rules Everything Arou—wait we already made this joke. But, seriously…

Maybe you’re one of the Chosen few who knows how to disconnect and put the tech down. When you’re in marketing mode, though, technology dominates, and there’s really no way around it. We attempt to stay on top of what’s trending, but risk falling behind. In other words, technology can be very overwhelming.

Before we turn into a buncha Debbie Downers (yeah we made that joke yesterday, too, what?), let’s tune in to the I Love Marketing podcast for today’s Listen. Dean Jackson and Joe Polish help us cope with the overwhelm as they discuss integrated technology, finding focus, and ways to leverage marketing methods.

Here are some of their points of discussion: 

  1. Different forms of technology that pushes the boundaries in marketing
  2. Training your mind to focus and how to take that first step towards a clearer mind
  3. Modern marketing lessons that could make you $$$$$ 

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