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How to Treat Your Job Hunt Like a Targeted Marketing Campaign

So for anyone who’s on the hunt or getting ready to start looking, the job market is an interesting landscape right now. It’s tight for competition while also being a candidate’s market overall. So if you’re someone looking for a new role, you have to outsmart other candidates for the roles you really want.

So do what you do best: target your audience. Even if you are not actively looking, you can stay in the loop of perfect positions down the line. Here’s how:

  1. Know yourself: First, start with asking yourself where your career stands before you look to advance it further. Are you missing any experience, certifications, nice-to-haves for your next ideal role?
  2. Don’t miss a thing: Set your feeds up for success. Keep a pulse on your favorite companies and companies related to them. That can mean following them more closely on LinkedIn or even automating your feed with specific industry news.
  3. Expand your network ahead of time: Ideally, you want to have connections with your favorite companies before you’re applying to their openings. Have an outreach template or two at the ready that you can easily personalize.
  4. Track their openings: Once you’ve done steps 1-3, you can be really prepared to target openings, not just companies. Set your feeds up for alerts on their openings so you can be ready to apply on a ping.
  5. Bonus step! Research keywords: When you’re researching companies you would like to work for, research their industries for hiring keywords. When you’re tailoring your application, use those keywords in your resume to align your experience to their role.

Startup Decoder wrote this article for the tech industry, but the advice rings true for marketers, too. Check it out to see other ways you can filter your job search.


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