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How To Use Agile To Organize Your Marketing

Ever look at your to-do list and just think “dang, how the heck am I going to do all of this?” That’s us on the daily. Until now (cue dramatic music). Today’s Listen is all about making you a more efficient and effective marketer. We’re diving right in because this one is packed full of amazing advice about Agile Marketing.

You’re about to learn what Agile Marketing actually is and how you can use it to help plan your work and then work your plan. We’ll let the experts handle it from here…

  • (2:22) Agile marketing is a specific way of handling work to make your team faster and more efficient.
  • (2:59) Agile marketing is built on small, low-risk experiments. It’s also very team-focused. Agile brings everyone together, rather than having projects take place in separate departments.
  • (3:36) Scrum is the most popular methodology for Agile, but it isn’t the best for marketing (more on that later).
  • (5:46) Agile marketers live and die by the backlog, which is basically a prioritized to-do list. Whenever a team member finishes a project, they move on to the next things on the top of the to-do list.
  • (6:37) You don’t want to add a billion tasks for one project on your to-do list. It’s a fine line between giving your team enough information and not micromanaging them to death.
  • (7:01) Boundaries are essential for Agile. They help your team stay on task and feel okay with saying “no” to things. Saying “no” to random requests is essential for agile.
  • (9:33) Saying “no” easier than you’d expect when you do it with tact. It’s about explaining what you’re currently working on and asking the person what their task should take priority over.
  • (18:50) Kanban is another approach to agile. It is designed to work on top of however you work right now. You don’t need to change anything, and it can help you be more efficient right now.
  • (20:55) Scrumban is a third approach to agile that you should check out.

This one is so packed full of great advice that you really gotta listen to it yourself →


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