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How to Use Educational Content to Drive Brand Engagement

Creating content that inspires people to engage with your brand’s values, even if they aren’t considering your product yet, is a fine balance of information and entertainment.

Lifestyle suggestions, recipes, procedures, accountability, and forecasting are just some of the topics that separate a brand from a products/services-only content approach. It’s more than just content, it’s useful education pieces. But what kind of educational content can you make? According to EveryoneSocial:

  • Executive Transparency- Personal thoughts and experiences from the CEO create authentic, hands-on bits of content that can drill down into their areas of expertise.
  • Contextual Resources- Content that answers the question: How does your brand fit in the big picture of your industry?
  • Extra-brand Engagement Tools- Creating tools that provide engaging educational content that enlists anybody to act on the brand’s mission is a labor of love. One that your users might enjoy seeing in a thought leader type of brand.
  • Product Displacement- This can be a tricky one, but making educational content as brand-agnostic as possible is any company’s best bet to build trust.
  • Brand Lobby- This is putting it all out on the table without pushing a sale. Creating a “gallery” of information and services as a passive way of providing educational content.
  • Upfront Lagniappe- Present yourself as an authority by sharing educational content as a means to gain subscribers and dangle a loyalty reward while giving up the wisdom goods.

EveryoneSocial gives some amazing real world examples of each type of educational content being made by brands. Check out the full article to read for yourself.


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