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How to Use the Assisted Conversions Report in Google Analytics to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

Scoring a point in any sport is a victory in and of itself. Most often the person who scored is celebrated and recognized for their contribution toward the final score of the game. But oftentimes we forget the #2, the sidekick, the assist. It’s a team effort after all.

Your marketing is no different. Your channels are all players on the same field. Maybe the banner ad on a news site drove someone to purchase, but don’t forget the awesome Instagram ad the purchaser clicked a few days prior. Today, we’re celebrating the assists with Databox covering how to use the assisted conversions report in Google Analytics to develop your marketing strategy.

To view your assisted conversions, navigate to the GA sidebar and select Conversions>Multi-Channel Funnels>Assisted Conversions

  • Map all channels that contribute to a purchase. Seeing exactly which channels assist in driving conversions will help you optimize your funnel and strategy. Double down on creative that frequently assists conversions and revisit tactics that aren’t driving results.
  • Identify the real source/medium from PayPal purchases. If someone checks out with PayPal, PayPal will create its own session and it will look as if PayPal is the source of the transaction. Seeing what actually led to the PayPal transaction will give you a better picture of which channels deserve more credit.
  • Track customer lifetime value. UTM links will paint a more comprehensive picture of a customer’s actions over time. Assisted conversions won’t always occur within the same day or even the same week. You may uncover insights related to a customer’s timeline regarding their path to purchase.
  • Analyze your content effectiveness. Requiring form fills before visitors can access a specific piece of content isn’t uncommon. While this is a great strategy for some applications, it’s not always necessary. You can still retarget those who access your ungated content. This can give you a better idea of how your content actually performs since people won’t need to debate whether or not it’s worth filling in a form to access the gated content.

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