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How to Use the Power of Podcasting to Increase Your Audience

Sarah Rhea Werner is the host of the Write Now podcast, a weekly podcast for aspiring writers. (Shout out to all you beautiful writers out there!) She’s also a columnist for Forbes on the topic of podcasting, so you knooow she’s a real master on the matter.

Sarah sat down with the host of CoSchedule’s Actionable Marketing to talk all things podcasting.

If you’ve ever considered starting a podcast, you should def start by listening to this one first.

  • (01:45) How and why Sarah got into podcasting.
  • (04:30) The types of opportunities Sarah has had since starting a podcast that blogging wasn’t bringing her.
  • (04:40) Why public speaking opportunities are a huge benefit.
  • (05:00) How podcasting can be a great in with influencers.
  • (05:40) Why you should join a lot of communities. Sarah joined the FB group, She Podcasts in 2014, which was started because there wasn’t a big female voice in podcasting.
  • (06:23) Where and how she met an editor at Forbes.
  • (08:00) Audience-building advice for marketing teams and companies. Rule #1: Don’t just jump on the fad train.
  • (10:45) Why it’s super crucial to create your podcast based on what your listeners like.
  • (12:40) Tips on striking a balance between providing value and marketing yourself through your podcast.
  • (14:12) Why it’s important to make sure any selling that you do on your podcast is delightful, interesting, and fun.
  • (16:40) “The delightful brand experience” and Old Spice commercials.
  • (19:40) How a podcast is both similar to and different from different marketing avenues.
  • (21:00) Some of the tactical challenges and practices of podcasting.
  • (22:25) Tactical ways to make podcasting work as a social media strategy.
  • (23:45) Why you should never assume who your audience is. Use Facebook as a way to understand who your audience is—who are you really serving?
  • (27:00) Value of creating a forum where people are sharing ideas and how FB groups can be “self-feeding.”
  • (30:20) How you can measure ROI on your podcast.
  • (33:35) Sarah’s best final advice for a brand who is toying with the idea of a podcast.

Yeah… There are so many amazing highlights and insights in here. We suggest fully tuning in to this one →


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