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How to Win with Email

Listen up! Email ain’t dead. It’s not gonna die anytime soon either. Email deserves more of your attention because it’s still really effective. Maybe it’s not as fun as IG, but it can be more useful if you give it a chance.

If your emails are just boring automated drip campaigns, they’re likely not going to perform well. Let today’s Listen give you a new direction.

ContentPros interviewed the Director of Growth at Engagio to dig into then email strategy that is absolutely killing it for them.

Tips and timestamps for you:

  • (6:16) There is a time and a place for email automation. Not everything you do should be automated!
  • (8:18) Should you send the typical “marketing” email or send a plain text, casual note?
  • (9:40) Don’t send any HTML emails to your highest value prospects. Take the time to craft a personal, relevant, and timely email to those prospects.
  • (10:53) The difference between personalization and customization
  • (16:44) Engagio gives 1 clear call-to-action in their emails. Just 1 link. That’s it. You want to give people only one relevant thing to do in each email.
  • (18:44) How do you move from standard email nurtures to a personalized approach that actually works?
  • (24:19) Engagio looks at engagement and who is engaging with their emails to see if they’re hitting home. If an intern is engaging with their emails, great, but that’s not who their buyer is.
  • (26:55) You need to communicate with your customers on the channel they’re on, and email is where most people are. Email is not going away anytime soon. Build your email lists now.

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