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How to Write Perfect Page Titles and Headlines (7 Tools to Help Make it Happen)

Y’all, you voted for a tactic topic in our poll and the tally came so close we had to talk about it. So here’s the other piece you wanted!

Page titles can be your chance of drawing people in with a short snippet of what your article will discuss. Creating a great headline is no easy feat. It involves just the right balance of keywords while remaining compelling.

Convince & Convert is sharing their favorite tools for writing perfect page titles and headlines.

  1. Find the Best Keyword for Your Titles: Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest is jam-packed with SEO tools. A crowd favorite (and ours too) is its keyword research tool. Here you can enter a term to generate keyword ideas or find out which keywords benefit your competitors.
  2. Create a Question-Based Title: Text Optimizer. People seek answers. This is why presenting your title in the form of a question is a terrific strategy. Text Optimizer creates a list of common questions surrounding a keyword you enter. You’ll even see how popular and competitive some of the questions are.
  3. Analyze Your Title: Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. This one should really be a game rather than just a tool. It gives you a score based on factors such as word choice, sentiment analysis, headline length, analysis of first and last three words, and searchable keyword analysis. The higher the score, the better your headline will likely perform.
  4. Preview the Facebook Snippet: Facebook Debugger. This quick tool simply shows how your title will appear on Facebook.
  5. Preview the Twitter Snippet: Twitter Card Validator. Want to know what your link preview will look like on Twitter before tweeting? This is exactly what you’ll get from the Twitter Card Validator.

Go read the rest of Convince & Convert’s article for tools 6 & 7!


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