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How to You Get PR If You Have Nothing New or You’re a New Business

Today’s Listen is from the dudes over at Growthmapping. They shared their finely-tuned thoughts and feels about the perils of PR (when you want PR, but don’t know how to get it). Sujan Patel has got the hot take, “So, you’ve got nothing new to say? Honestly, most companies don’t. Even if it’s a feature release or new stuff, it’s all BS. Nobody cares about a feature release. Most people don’t care even if a company has a new thing to say.”

We’ll let those two do most of the talking on this one, but here’s some of the highlights from the podcast:

  • 1:45: How to create a pillar piece of content. You want to create value and show people how you’re changing the world.
  • 2:50: Why you don’t have to necessarily talk about your own biz or product and what you should do instead.
  • 3:45: Why you should not create a press release but instead create a press kit. They’re really adamant about this one.
  • 6:15: A plan that will help you know who are the right people to contact.
  • 9:50: How to go from having a list of the right people to getting yourself in front of them (without being annoying or spending a lot of $$$)
  • 11:50: Tips on leveraging the power of social media and networking platforms.

Tune in to get the full scoop on these tips and insights. Hey, they’re even timestamped for you!


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