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How We…Beat Writer’s Block

In our Facebook Group, a reader asked us how we battle writer’s block and where we find inspiration. What better time to finally talk about writer’s block than before a break where we won’t have to write for a week?

Mark says he just vomits words onto a page to beat his writer’s block. We can’t all be like Mark. What do the rest of us do? Maybe you’re wondering where all the sass comes from. Well, for that, we have the “Sass SaaS,” a SaaS that adds sass to all of our copy.

…Obviously that doesn’t exist, but isn’t that a great idea? Patent pending!

Anyway, we crush writer’s blocks in a variety of ways—what writer doesn’t! So, we’ve compiled some of our favorite methods to help any of our readers get over the hurdle (especially the inevitable boulder on January 2nd).

  • A daily dose of McSweeney’s usually kicks our charisma into overdrive. Sure, it’s politically charged, but the articles—submitted by the public, mind you—are packed with a biting humor and captivating copy any writer would fawn over.
  • Medium is also a great resource because it’s overflowing with wonderfully written thought-pieces spanning a wide range of topics.
  • Do something completely unrelated to your discipline! That’s why we like to head over to Behance, Muzily, or Awwwards to appreciate another art form—design.
  • Leave your computer. Get away for awhile and do something wild… like draw or play with Legos… or is Jordyn the only one that has Legos in the office?
  • Go for a photo walk. Taking pictures of random things on your mini adventure will make room in your noggin for new ideas.
  • Vomit….errr…just start writing. Everything. Anything. Go bananas. It doesn’t even have to be about the topic you’re trying to write about. Eventually—hopefully—you’ll find the topic along the way during your word deluge.

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