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How & Why to Speed Up Your Website

Look, site speed matters for SEO. A lot. It’s easy to ignore, but with the SEO arms race that’s happening, site speed is the next weapon to add to your arsenal. With everything else being equal, you can easily beat your competitors in search rankings if your page simply loads faster.

Today’s Listen is going to help get your site speed up to speed. You might need to ask a developer for help with some of these tips, but it’s worth it. We swear. Skip to 25:10 if you want to get straight to the actionable advice.

  1. Stop adding “stuff” to your web pages. The simpler the page, the quicker it will load. This is more noticeable on mobile than it is on desktop.
  2. Refactor your code. This is essentially getting rid of unnecessary code that isn’t even used on your pages.
  3. Use system fonts. Certain fonts can slow down page speed by a few milliseconds, but system fonts won’t cause a slowdown.
  4. Optimize and compress your images. This is the easiest change that will make a big difference.
  5. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to find out how fast or slow your website is and make the changes they suggest.

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