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How Your Brand Can Effortlessly Create Instagram Stories

You guys remember when Facebook tried to buy Snapchat and Snapchat laughed at the offer from their high horse? Then Facebook decided to just rip off Snapchat with Instagram Stories and now Snapchat is curled up in the corner crying quietly, “We’re not the next Twitter, we’re not the next Twitter…” And maybe they aren’t the next Twitter, but things are lookin’ pretty grim for Snapchat.

Where were we going with this intro? Right…Instagram Stories. They’re a pretty big deal now with over 300 million daily active users. And better yet, Stories can be a great opportunity for your company to engage with its audience, humanize the brand, and reach more people.

Today’s Listen is by the Science of Social Media. They’re coming in hot with some tips on how your company can kill it with Stories.

  • (2:00) Stories increase visibility and if you consistently post great content, your Story will be first anytime someone logs on to IG.
  • (2:45) IG allows you to tag your Stories by location and hashtag, which can increase your reach.
  • (4:06) Since Stories only last 24 hours, you can try really different things.
  • (7:00) Stories give your brand the opportunity to be personal and humanize yourselves.
  • (9:00) Commit to one day of the week, each week and create a series. For example, if you’re a personal trainer, do a weekly workout for your followers.
  • (10:03) What Buffer would do with Stories if they were…a maple syrup company. The point is that you can take a totally creative approach to Stories.
  • (12:44) When planning your Stories, just write down as many ideas as you possibly can because there are likely a lot of things you can do that you’re not thinking of.
  • (13:05) A few tools that Buffer loves for their Stories: Canva, Adobe Spark Post, After Effects, internal IG tools (stop-motion is brand new and we looooove it).

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