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Humanity is More Important than Data in Social Media

Don’t tell Mark that—he’s obsessed with data. Probably more than people.

Today’s Listen really caught our eye, though. We’re usually waxing poetics about social media ads, sending out the latest tactics and tips ad nauseam. 

But that’s the kind of marketing strategy flooding the web right now. Ads, ads, ads, ads ads, adsadsadsads… 

Social Pros’ Jay Baer sat down with social media expert Mark Shaefer to talk about a necessary shift in mindset and strategy—to stop using social media as a place to recycle ads, but to use it as “a window into the humanity of your business” instead. Why? Because branding is becoming more an accumulation of human impressions, not advertising impressions like the brands of yesteryear.

In this rather passionate podcast, you’ll hear more about why human presence is the future and why Twitter is one of the best platforms for this new age of “advertising.” Did you scoff at seeing Twitter being exalted too? We know, but Mark Shaefer is changing perspectives left and right in this one. Let’s get to it.

  • (04:05) Shaefer’s book The Tao of Twitter
  • (06:35) The obstacles Twitter faces and why it’s more like a quirky club that’s not for everyone
  • (08:00) Why Twitter getting a lot of pressure to make the platform easier, more intuitive, and more accessible (see: 280 characters)  
  • (09:40) The value of Twitter as the “most human-powered platform.” i.e. Hashtags and other innovations have been created directly by its users  
  • (12:00) Why Twitter works so well for Shaefer and how he uses it so effectively
  • (14:30) How to engage with Twitter as a human-driven platform rather than a place to broadcast ads
  • (15:15) Research shows that people who follow brands on Twitter are more loyal to brands on social media than other platforms 
  • (15:45) Huge opportunity on the platform, especially as room for advertising declines on FB
  • (16:20) The 3 biggest drives in digital marketing right now (you’ll notice they’re all based on human impression)
  • (23:30) Why having a human presence is different from employee advocacy
  • (25:55) How elevating your employees can benefit your business more than traditional ads
  • (27:55) Why brands and marketers should be thinking, “If more of our employees have a profound and impactful social media or internet presence, we’re going to win.”

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