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Hyrrs Not Hymns

“Sometimes the best advertising doesn’t look, talk or walk like advertising at all.” – Grey London

A truly fitting statement from the agency bringing us today’s Watch, which isn’t so much an ad for a brand or product, but a theory.

Feminism has thundered especially loud in 2017, showing itself in efforts of all sizes—from record-breaking marches to Time’s Person(s) of the Year. And, as of yesterday, “feminism” took shape as Merriam-Webster’s word of the year.

Grey London, coming together for women’s rights, worked with Goldstein Music to make a feminist album of revised Christmas hymns they’re calling “Hyrrs.” 

The songs have been rewritten with not-so-subtle lyrics directed at sexism, stereotypes, equal pay, and the patriarchy’s systemic abuse. All of which you can sing along to in the karaoke-style videos below. (Fun fact: the typeface you see in the videos is called Lacuna, which was created by female typographer Imogen Ayres.)

An added bonus for your feminist caroling? All proceeds of the album go the women’s charity, Refuge.


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