“I’m Your Number One Van!”   - Carney
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“I’m Your Number One Van!”  

Right? We’re as surprised as you are that an ad for a van has made it into a Watch.

But this isn’t your parents’ van. This is a solution to awkward carpools, congested streets, and hellish traffic—and it goes above and beyond other ridesharing apps.

This is MOIA, an all-electric rideshare vehicle in Germany that isn’t only sleeker than that old Town and Country, but is also equipped with amenities for commuters. Similar to Uber and Lyft, MOIA rides are ordered through an app. But—and this is where the service really shines—a pooling algorithm in the app groups passengers with similar destinations, minimizing detours and maximizing use of the van’s capacity. Into it. 

A ton of other perfectly-calculated features are highlighted in the ad and, not gonna lie, they are really selling it to us. 


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