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Imagine the Pastabilities

Aaaand just like that, we’re done with the Super Bowl ads. The rest of the ad world seems to be moving on too. We’re grateful for that.

Whole Foods just launched eight 15-second ads for their first campaign since the Amazon acquisition. Unrelated, but did anyone invent a mashup name for this Amazon/Whole Foods entity? Wholazon? IDK. But we need one, give us suggestions!

Anyway, back to their new campaign. We can really only describe the ads as….quirky. The ads feature a vegan buying meat, a dad asking his daughter to “imagine the pastabilities,” a woman eating too many free samples (been there!), and a bunch of other situations.

Every ad ends with the tagline, “Whatever makes you whole.” That seems to suggest that we’re either not whole without Whole Foods or that they’re accepting of everyone. We’re hoping they’re going for the latter.


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