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Improve Your Facebook Ad Quality Ranking with These 7 Tips

Veruca Salt turned out to be a bad egg in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Between the good or bad rating she could have received on the golden goose egg scale, she fell into the less distinguished group.

Perhaps your new Facebook Ad is your golden egg that will drive great results, but Facebook has its own scale to determine if that’s really the case. Even though you want conversions now, it pays to trust Facebook’s score and work to improve it. Here are 7 tips from Databox to help you improve your Facebook Ad quality ranking.

  • Incorporate video ads. Video is dynamic and can easily captivate your audience. Through video, you can deliver your message in greater detail and even show examples of how your product or service has benefitted others. The more easily people can see and understand how your offering works, the more easily they will trust you.
  • Don’t run your ad too often. If users see your ad too many times, they might think of it as spam and hide or block it. This negatively affects your quality score, so best to strike a balance with how often you run your ad.
  • Avoid clickbait and use high-quality content. This one should be a no-brainer. High-quality content will always prevail over clickbait. While clickbait is certainly effective for clicks, those clicks probably won’t turn into the types of conversions you’re after. Go for the gold with your content and it will pay off.
  • Be straightforward. Ever put a dollar in a vending machine only for your selected item to not dispense? It’s the freaking worst. Ensure your ads bring people where they’re expecting to go when they click. Keep your message simple and on-brand and make sure the landing page feels like an extension of the ad rather than something completely different.
  • Test as often as you can. Don’t stop iterating. Even if you’re pleased with the performance of your ad, there is always the possibility of improving it further. A higher click-through rate will result in a lower cost per click. Test different images, captions, colors, videos, etc. 

Read on for the last 2 tips.


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