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Increase Conversions with Google Analytics

Analytics kinda rule our lives, and Google Analytics is one of the best tools for checking website analytics. If you’re like us, you probably log into GA every day, click around, and…sort of know what you’re doing

Google Analytics does so much, too, that it’s hard to figure out what everything does exactly. But we want to know it all, and now. (Hey, we’re a bunch of millennials.)

Here’s something you might not have considered using it for: increasing your conversion rates. Yessir, with all that data, you can come up with a solid strategy to improve your conversion rates. We like the sound of this.

Today’s Read covers that. Here are some of their tips:

  1. Monitor bounce rate. If you want users to do a number of things on your website, you’ve gotta track this metric. We’re big fans of bounce rate.
  2. Use internal site search. This will help you understand what your users are actually looking for.
  3. Analyze your users’ behavior. Behavior analysis is one of the lesser-known tools in Google Analytics, but damn, it’s a good tool.
  4. Use the landing page reports to figure out exactly what users are doing on your landing pages.

There are so many killer tips in this one that we just couldn’t list them all.


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