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Increase Signup Confirmations with “Sniper Links”

According to Litmus and Mailchimp, 27 to 61% of new users won’t confirm their email after sign up, due to:

  • Friction in the onboarding process.
  • Pesky spam folders.
  • Distraction from their inboxes.

So, how can you get users to focus and confirm on the spot? Enter: Sniper Links.

  1. Add a personalized shortcut to your “confirm email” page based on the email address they’ve just entered (i.e. “Open Gmail”).
  2. Tweak that shortcut URL to include parameters that simulate a search query, resulting in an inbox that displays only your confirmation email, even if it landed in the spam folder. No distractions.

Check out the interactive case study by Growth.Design to see the magic.


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