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Inside Google Marketing: 3 marketing myths we busted this past year

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2019 is behind us and these marketing myths need to stay there. Jumping right into it this morning!

Marketing myth 1: Video is slow and expensive to produce

Whip out those iPhone cameras, fam. Video content doesn’t have to be a huge production filled with fancy lighting and designer rooms. A team at Google was tasked to find a faster, cheaper, and more effective way to do video. In comes, Directors Mix. It allows you to create custom videos on a massive scale.

Marketing myth 2: The more data you have, the better

With all the metrics to track from bounce rate to length of videos watched, we love our data. It’s both a blessing and a curse. With all that available data it can be really tough to make a decision.

Google honed in on three key measurements: capturing people’s attention, they’re behavior in response, and the campaign outcome.

Marketing myth 3: Humans are being replaced by machines

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robots taking over the world… and our jobs? Google doesn’t think so. Well, not for marketers at least.

Google says machine learning should be used in our favor, not a replacement. – “…it’s about understanding what machines do better than us and letting them get on with it, freeing up humans to lean into what we do uniquely well: insights, inspiration, and creativity.”

Get the full details in the article from Think with Google. Smash the button!


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