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Instagram Marketing Growth: 3 Proven Tactics To Grow Followers & Engagement

The Science of Social Media is coming to you today partially from Social Media Marketing World. Podcast co-host and Buffer’s digital marketing master Brian Peters shares one of the hottest topics being talked about at the conference right now: Instagram Marketing.

Here’s a few burning questions he and Hailey answer in this latest episode:  

How can you stand out among the other millions of photos, videos, and stories posted each day? How can non-designers and amateur photographers create beautiful content for Instagram? Plus, an exciting announcement about a Buffer x Instagram partnership.

Awesome stuff ahead from one of the best Instagram marketing teams in the biz. You’ll def want to tune into this one.

  • (02:15) Buffer is now an “official Instagram marketing partner,” which means they will now be able to incorporate a ton of new features into their app
  • (03:15) What brands and marketers should think about when trying to grow their Instagram following
  • (04:20) Why brands and marketers need to think like artists to succeed on IG and how that will help their feed and Stories tell a narrative
  • (04:50) The 2 types of really successful IG accounts: Beautiful vs. Entertaining
  • (05:45) Why “good looking feeds” drastically help tell your brand’s story
  • (07:20) Why office and employee photos don’t fuel brand growth
  • (08:15) Lessons in investing in good resources to improve design and photo quality, which both need to be top-notch to thrive
  • (09:45) The power of curated and user-generated content and how it skyrocketed Buffer’s IG engagement and growth
  • (10:45) The best reasons for using curated and user-generated content. One of them is the way in which those types of photos build your community
  • (12:45) Posting top-performing Instagram content on other social channels to lead back to our IG account and increase engagement
  • (13:25) The difference vibe to convey between your feed and your Stories and going Insta live

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