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Intuit’s Giant Bro-bot

Did you happen to catch Intuit’s 15-second Super Bowl ad last night? It was refreshingly different from the over-the-top attempts at humor that we saw from a bunch of other brands. We like that. If humor ain’t your thing, don’t try humor.

That 15-second ad that you might’ve seen last night was just a teaser for the full, 4-minute long video. To save you the struggle of searching for it, we’ve got the whole thing right here for today’s Watch.

Intuit, recognizing that humor isn’t their thing, created a heartfelt ad aimed at small and medium-sized business owners. In the full-length video, a young inventor notices that her friend is having trouble with his business. She sets out to fix his problem by building a giant robot, powered by Intuit, who will always have her friend’s back.

No spoilers here, you’ll just have to watch this one yourself.


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