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It’s a Greens Party!

Health is wealth! Whoever said marketing is easy is a big fat liar and we’d like to have a word. Marketers, creators, developers, do-it-all-ers are prone to burnouts, often consider coffee a whole food group, and can treat their physical health as an afterthought. Earth Fed Muscle wants to make it better and give your nutrition a boost.

The Greens Party by Earth Fed Muscle is a plant-based powder of kale, spirulina, and wheatgrass with a flavor boost from mint, monk fruit, and ginger. This gut-friendly stuff can be put in EVERYTHING. Turn your smoothies and shakes into mean, green, lean machines! Or, as Caitlyn recently reviewed, “Day one this product helped my gut. It is definitely the best-tasting greens I’ve had. The mint flavor is welcomed!” Our favorite use, though, is making your own salad dressing by mixing this powerful powder in for a greens-on-greens party!

So go get your greens in and worry a little less about your nutrition with The Greens Party.

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