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Keep Video Content Raw & Authentic

Lights, camera, action!

Actually…skip lights. And the studio. And all that editing business. When it comes to video content, you may be better off going all natural. This is especially true when it comes to eCommerce. Customers want to see how things really are, they’re not impressed by just the pretty, edited version of things.

Tips For Creating More Authentic Video Content:

  • UGC is always a winner – There’s power in real-person reviews! Leverage customer first-impressions, testimonials, and product reviews.
  • Get the team involved – Same with putting a personal touch on reviews, put a face to your offerings by showcasing your employees.
  • Mobile-shot videos are expected – Remember when you would be mocked for filming in portrait orientation? Well between TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, that’s now the more natural format.
  • Keep it on-brand – Some brands benefit from a little editing and polish. Others benefit from on-the-fly and raw footage. Think about how much editing effort your brand should have before going all-in on studio quality filming.

Check out the full Forbes article for more video shooting tips, stats on how customers react to video content, and ideas from other brands.


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