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Key Takeaways From the Google Marketing Livestream 2021

In the Google Marketing Livestream last week, Google announced new features and tools. There’s a large shift in focus on local search support, travel ad features, and insight upgrades. Search Engine Journal has given a thorough recap of the features and rollouts.

A Continued Focus on Privacy

  • Custom audiences rollout
  • Consent capabilities added to Google Tag Manager

Expanded Automation Solutions

  • Expanding target ROAS
  • Expanding Performance Max out of beta

Deeper Insights and Standing Out in the SERP

  • Image extensions included in search ads
  • Extending modeling capabilities to the Behavioral Report
  • Advertiser Report in Google Analytics
  • Incorporating YouTube & Display in attribution models

New Solutions for Retailers

  • New attribute tags to help consumers connect with like-minded businesses
  • Using AR to allow prospects to try on makeup and clothes
  • Google’s integration with loyalty programs
  • Surfacing deals for prospects with “deals results page”
  • Advertising options like available for store pickup, curbside pickup, and now later pickup
  • New “Shop Pay” buying option for Buy on Google listings
  • New eCommerce Integrations

New Solutions for the Travel Industry

  • Hotel booking extensions
  • Vacation rentals added to hotel results pages
  • Enhancing commissions (per stay) bidding

That’s a lot of stuff to keep on top of as an advertiser. See the full, detailed summary from Search Engine Journal.


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