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Keywee: AI for Ad Copy That Converts

It’s amazing how strapping an engine to a set of wheels accelerated the world’s transportation systems. People could go where they needed to faster than ever. While we deal with constraints every day, we discover new and better solutions. Keywee is the engine you can strap to your ad copy to make it soar.

This tool has learned from tens of millions of ads and posts to uncover the common denominator of “what works best.” What that means for you is instead of writing the copy you think is likely to convert, Keywee will write what it knows is likely to convert. It really is that simple.

Provide a bit of information about what you’re promoting and watch Keywee craft messages complete with Predictive Performance Scores indicating which messages will likely work best. The power of this data has driven an average conversion rate increase of 30%, so join the club and get started for free with no credit card needed!


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