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Know the Worth of Your Social Media Services

Agencies can now learn how to price their social media services correctly. No convoluted formulas. No boring spreadsheets. Plus, it’s absolutely free. This social media pricing calculator was built by Planable, together with pricing experts from Soft Fight.

How it works 👉  The pricing calculator is powered by an algorithm that uses data from 3 sources. After you input all the relevant data, the calculator will determine an optimal interval for the rates you could be charging. It takes into account your costs, the quality of the work you provide, perceived value, and competition.

What you need to do 👉  Simply answer some questions, submit the form and you’ll find out how much you should charge. You’ll also receive a free e-book that covers the most useful pricing-related subjects such as types of pricing models & strategies, agency fee structure, what to consider when deciding on pricing, and many more.


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