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Know Your Visitor’s Journey with Oribi

Have you ever wanted to take a magnifying glass and inspect how your visitors flow and behave through your funnels? What makes them convert, or better yet, what doesn’t make them convert?

Let the Visitor’s Journey feature on Oribi be your best site activity detective tool. All the data is laid out for you and you’ll be able to:

  • Track every action your visitors take
  • View any visitor’s individual journey
  • Filter sessions by any variable like length, action, channel, demographics, and more
  • Check out what your highly active visitors are doing and compare how they are different from those who don’t convert
  • Discover the most common actions visitors take with the Visitor’s Journey Aggregator

Understanding your visitor’s behavior on a granular level gives you golden opportunities to optimize your site. Start a 7-day free trial and unleash the metrics that matter with Oribi’s codeless integration.


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