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Lance Bank

Adulting isn’t always easy and a big part of that is making sure we are on top of our finances. If you run your own business or do freelancing on the side, figuring out how to budget or pay your taxes may seem overwhelming. Meet Lance Bank, an intuitive business bank account designed for the way we make dough today.

So how does it work? Every time you get paid, Lance automatically pays you out and sets aside the right amounts for tax withholding, business expenses, and profit. With basic bookkeeping, entry-level accounting, and taxes done, you now have everything needed to grow your business, man.

Banking should be simpler…and with Lance, everything’s at your fingertips. A simple and easy to navigate app makes banking – and accounting – a breeze. The days of stress-googling are over. Just set your expected salary and Lance will divvy up your money – even paying your quarterly taxes! – with every payment. Adult better. Really, it’s doable. Open a free account today to get started.


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