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Landing Page Demograpics

Who’s up for a Google Analytics trick? If you want to check out demographic stats on your site, GA makes it a piece of cake. But what about for a specific page? Well, here’s how to do it by creating a custom segment:

  1. Click “add a segment” and then choose “new segment”

  2. Under advanced, go to the conditions tab

  3. Filter to “Sessions” and choose “Include”

  4. In the drop-down for dimensions, search for “landing page” or “page”

    • landing page – demos for traffic that starts on this page
    • page – demos for traffic that view this page
  5. Choose exactly matches

  6. In the box, type the path of your page (ex. /thank-you)

All ya have to do now is head over to the demographic reports in Google Analytics.


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