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Learning From the World’s Best Instagram Profile: Cristiano Ronaldo

The latest edition of Mention & Hubspot’s Instagram Engagement Report has revealed that the world-famous soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo has once again bagged the prize for the most followed person on Instagram this year, with nearly 400 million followers!

Here’s a few things that Cristi does well that you can copy today, no million-dollar budget required:

  • Post regularly 🗓️: You’ll notice that celebrities tend to post every day. Maximize your visibility on your followers’ feed and catch them when they’re online.
  • Vary the type of media you post 🎞️: Take advantage of all the options Instagram gives you! Ronaldo mixes it up regularly, and posts stories, videos, carousels, reels and single image posts.
  • Keep it clean and simple 🧹: Sometimes the best message is the simplest one. Even with his sponsored collaborations, the message is simple, understandable by everyone and is presented in sharp, aesthetic way.
  • Be relatable 🙋: Cristiano often posts a casual selfie, or a proud dad moment of his kids – just like anyone else would – to remind the world that he’s not too different to us. Not every post needs to be shot by a professional photographer!
  • Don’t forget your core values 💌: While there is a visible a mix of family, casual and promotional content on his feed, we certainly don’t forget that Ronaldo is actually a world-class sportsperson. He keeps his followers updated on his professional progress, shares his big wins and shows off what he does best – which is why many of his fans follow him.

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