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Lessons From Analyzing 100 Million Facebook Videos

“Video is the future of marketing.”

How many more times are you gonna see that, right?? But it’s true. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter are all pushing video by promoting the format in their organic algorithms.

Insider tip: LinkedIn just launched native video and it’s a huge opportunity for marketers.

Anyway, today we’re just talking about Facebook. Right now, it’s the best platform for video. That’s why Buzzsumo decided to do a serious study on what types of video perform best on Facebook. We’ve got the results in today’s Read.

Buzzsumo analyzed 100 million Facebook videos for their study. They looked at things like:

The results from their study are going to change the game for your Facebook videos. Here are the stats you need to know:

  • The best performing videos were typically short with an average length of 115 seconds.
  • The introductory text to the best Facebook videos was also short with a median of 61 characters.
  • Facebook Live is best in the 15 to 20-minute range.
  • Hacks, Tips, and How-tos perform really well, but don’t ignore inspirational and humorous videos.
  • The top videos were more likely to be shared than liked. That creates a really big opportunity for marketers.

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