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Lessons from Spending $3 Million on Facebook Ads

No time for an intro to today’s Watch. We gotta dive right in because it’s too good. This video, from Noah Kagan, talks about his steps to getting quality leads for $1 each. That’s cheap.

Here’s how to get $1 leads from your Facebook Ads campaign:

  1. Use organic reach to figure out what articles to advertise. Your Facebook analytics will tell you which of your posts had the best organic reach.
  2. Use Facebook Audience Insights to figure out who your audience is and who loves your content. That will tell you who to advertise to. This can also help you figure out what content you need to write.
  3. Do dramatic A/B tests on all of your images and headlines. Small tests don’t give you enough data.
  4. Think of Facebook ads like going to a restaurant. Serve your customers their meal before charging them (give them free content before asking for their information).
  5. Create retargeting ads to the people who clicked your first ad

Just a warning: Noah is kind of…how should we put this…an as…no, we’ll keep it professional…he’s kind of intense. Regardless, this video is jam-packed with so much info we couldn’t sum it all up.


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