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Lessons from the Top 10 Social Posts of 2017

Hard truth: There’s basically no chance that the content you create in 2018 is going to be one of the top social posts of the year.

But that def doesn’t mean that you should just give up. There’s still a heck of a lot you can learn from the top social media posts from 2017.

Take these lessons from Science of Social media and use on your own campaigns for 2018.

  • (1:50) Red Bull has 48-million followers on Facebook (just a few more than us) they posted a video that got 750,000 likes and 85 million views. The caption for the video? “This is what you do when you miss your flight.” Makes you wanna watch that video, right?
  • (2:55) Believe it or not, Mr. Bean had a top performing video of 2017. He mixed nostalgia with comedy to make this video work. Mr. Bean’s team also did a killer job of creating anticipation throughout the video.
  • (4:10) National Geographic’s most popular post from 2017 was a dinosaur fossil discovery video with 272,000 likes. The takeaway from this is that breaking news and discoveries can be great ways to generate brand awareness.
  • (5:34) Buzzfeed’s Tasty has 90-million followers and their top post was also a video called “Steak Dinner for Two.” They took time on the thumbnail of the video, which shows the finished product. They also made is super sharable by calling it “Steak Dinner for Two.” People were likely to tag their friends, family, and significant others in it.
  • (8:14) A bit more relatable, Buffer also includes their top 5 social media posts from 2017.
  • (11:05) Re-sharing content is super important. Some of Buffer’s top posts were things they re-shared. Sometimes the right person doesn’t see it the first time around.
  • (12:23) Make your posts unique. Posting the same types of content your competitors are posting will just make you blend in.
  • (13:41) Curated content, not video content, was the biggest game-changer for Buffer in 2017.

There’s still plenty we couldn’t squeeze into this summary…


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