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Link Building vs. Link Earning

Link building is seriously the best way to boost your SEO. Seriously. But it’s also difficult and time-consuming. On the flip side, there’s link earning, but it’s also difficult and time-consuming. Damn, we just can’t win.

There’s really no easy way to get backlinks unless you want spammy links (hint: you don’t). But getting links is still 100% essential in digital marketing. Today we’re gonna teach you about link earning, which will allow you to leverage what you’re already doing to get more links.

Aaron Agius and Sujan Patel outline the whole idea in their 13-minute podcast, but we’ve got the show notes right here as usual:

  • (1:22) Link earning is crushing it for Sujan’s company MailShake. It’s getting them 50+ backlinks per month.
  • (2:16) Link earning comes from creating content that is based on actual customer problems and questions. You know this story, it’s gotta be killer content.
  • (3:37) Sujan publishes all of this content on their company blog — no guest posting or anything like that.
  • (4:17) You can earn links from your customers. If you have a customer who writes a blog that relates to what you do, just get in touch with them. It’s literally that simple. If they love your product, they’re probably willing to write about you.
  • (7:10) Having a good product is important for link earning, but having a well thought out brand is even more important.
  • (10:20) About 1/3rd of Sujan’s links come from creating content that fixes gaps in the industry.
  • (11:55) Creating one piece of anchor content can do the work for you.

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