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LinkedIn Ads Hacks

Time to talk about LinkedIn! It can be a great platform for B2B companies, but it can also be an expensive place to advertise.

There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is more expensive than Facebook. On LinkedIn, the lowest CPC you’re going to get is likely around $4. We know, that’s expensive. But the quality of that click is usually better than a click from Facebook.

Good news though! We’re going to save you some money with today’s Watch. We’re serving up a video about hacks you can use to reduce the cost of LinkedIn ads.

One of the suggestions is to monitor your CTR on ads, and when it exceeds 1%, switch your bid approach to CPM instead of CPC. Based on LinkedIn’s algorithm, you’re going to reduce your costs by about 3x. Not bad.

Plenty more suggestions in this 6-minute video…


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