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We’re sending much love to our friends at Flywheel – Thanks for sharing with us!

The Challenge: Flywheel’s audience is primarily small digital agencies and freelancers. So, when COVID-19 hit in the US, they quickly needed to pivot the entire content marketing strategy from Flywheel’s products and regularly scheduled content to resources that can actually help customers (and not just annoy them with another email).

The Solution: Team Flywheel came up with the idea of putting together a webinar for their customers about how to run an agency remotely. There have been articles written, but Flywheel wanted to turn it up a notch. They reached out to one of their customers who runs an agency that’s been remote since 2007. This customer helped put the content together, while Team Flywheel figured out the technical aspects and promotion of it. And “Running a Remote Agency: How to Adapt & Thrive” was born.

Flywheel zoomed with their customer to help host it on 3/19/2020, we emailed our customers on 3/23/2020 and held the webinar on 3/25/2020. It was definitely scrappy, to say the least!

Audience Reaction: FLywheel had a 38% open rate on the email, 400 people signed up for the webinar, and more than 200 people joined (most webinar attendance is from 30-40%).

It was hosted through Zoom, and it was “amazing to see people from all over the world listen and learn. The content was incredible & human, and the questions were thought-provoking & specific. It lasted an hour and is now available to be watched on our site.”


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