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Love Them Ipsums

Good ol’ Lorem Ipsum is cool, but random themed Ipsums are better. Sometimes designers need placeholders that can make them smile. There quite a few options out there so here’s a collection of Ipsums we love:

Pirate Ipsum: Go ahead, talk with a pirate voice out loud for one minute. It’s a guaranteed smile. This Ipsum will do the same for your land lubber content.  TRY IT

Bob Ross Lipsum: A happy little Lorem Ipsum for you to lift your spirits with nothing but positive vibes.  TRY IT

Office Ipsum: Cliches are perfect for placeholder text. This Ipsum may just inspire your next fluffed copy.  TRY IT

Legal Ipsum: Need some drier than dust placeholder for a legal template? Use this Ipsum to bore yourself to tears.  TRY IT



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