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Low Elf-Esteem

Maybe you could by all the Halloween ads we featured in October, but… we love a good holiday spot. They’re also everywhere right now. While we miss the creepy creative of October, these latest seasonal ads boast adorable animation and narratives that warm our hearts. Which is perfect timing because Pittsburgh is hella cold right now.

Today’s Watch has it all—cute characters, a heartwarming narrative, and some added humor in the form of an elf’s existential crisis. As the story opens, we see the elf with his various pals trying to decorate a tree. (They’re all festive ornaments.) But the elf is so disenchanted by it all that he journeys across a yuletide landscape in search of ornaments that know how to hang.

The spot is for Myer, a department store in Australia, and they’ve got their social media strategy figured out. Part of the campaign includes sharing the short film on Facebook—for every post shared, Myer will donate $1 to The Salvation Army.


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