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Mariah Carey Goes Stays at a Hostel

Mariah Gets Hostel

Coming off #Carnage2018 we can’t seem to shake Daniel Gurwin’s quote, “Trust Your Weird.”

The creative folks from trust theirs for sure. Their latest video offering is an odd mash-up of 90’s pop celebrity Mariah Carey with an unlikely stay at a hostel.

It pokes fun at the celebrity’s diva reputation with the title “Even Divas are Believers”

The video received a crushing 3.9 million views in one week!

Sidenote: We love how Wes Anderson’s style of directing has subtly influenced commercial advertising.

Our biggest takeaway, aside from the videos awkwardly entertaining approach, is finding ways to introduce unexpected elements into your content.

Creating this juxtaposition helps people remember your brand not just the ad.


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