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Marketers, Not Publishers, Will Win with Long-Form Content

We like it when anything starts with the phrase “Marketers will win…” so today’s podcast from This Old Marketing really grabbed our attention.

If you’re not familiar with This Old Marketing podcast, it’s broken down into several sections: Content marketing in the news, a rant about something ugh in the current marketing landscape, a rave about “something epic”, and a content marketing example from the past that we can still learn from.

Here are some things they hash out in today’s Listen:

  • Apple’s record earnings. Like ‘em or not, their stock jumped as much as 6.5% last Wednesday, valuing the company at almost $828 billion.
  • Google is developing Snapchat-like media. Poor Snapchat… keeps gettin’ hit while it’s down. Literally.
  • An AI bot created its own language. Researchers quickly shut it down. RIP li’l homie.
  • The big one, a detailed analysis of the marketing opportunities behind long-form content.
  • Stranger Things, Handmaid’s Tale, and other original series with licensing potential — aka merchandise, merchandise, merchandise…

They even linked to these articles if you want to know even more about

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