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Marketers: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Marketers and consumers are in radically new times thanks to the shift from text to video and audio, messaging apps, advancements in AI, augmented reality, and voice recognition. As consumer behavior evolves, marketing channels shift endlessly, resulting in an ever-growing competition obsession for attention.

Kipp Bodnar, Hubspot’s CMO, is here to give it to us straight. He argues that it’s not so much the world around us that is changing, but that marketers themselves keep messing everything up. (We phrased it a little nicer than Kipp.)

Enter what Kipp refers to as “Scorched Earth Marketing”. We’ve all seen it happen — a new channel or market strategy opens up and marketers ravenously flock to it, obsessing over the best hacks instead of the best message, turning the channel into a “rabid gaming of the system.” We start to solve our own goals, instead of our customers’, forgetting why they were drawn to the channel in the first place.

Kipp delivers some hard-hitting truths in today’s Read like:

  • How we’re messing up content and what went wrong
  • How we risk messing up messaging (say that 5 times fast)
  • The plague of the infographic
  • The democratization of video production  
  • How we risk messing up video, too
  • How we can save ourselves from ourselves  

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