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Measuring + Improving Your Email Click-Through Rate

Opens are great. Clicks are better.

One of the most helpful metrics is your email click-through rate (CTR) as a way to track engagement. So we wanna recap on how to measure it and how to encourage more of it!

What is an Email CTR?

An Email CTR is the percentage of clicks on links within your email based on the successfully delivered emails. The formula looks like this:

(Number of Recipients Who Clicked ÷ Number of Delivered Emails) x 100 = CTR

So what’s a good one? A strong CTR all depends on your industry and content, but you wanna shoot for 2-3%.

How Can You Improve an Email’s CTR?

There are a lot of factors that can influence clicks, so you will have to switch up your approach every now and again. CTAs, design, and language, are just to name some of the influences on your CTR. Here are a few tactics to encourage more clicks:

  1. Always start with the content – It’s what people are opening your email for in the first place. Tailor email content to the audience. And keep the “above the fold” content as interesting as possible.
  2. It better be responsive – That’s a given in this day and age. But remember that not only should your emails be mobile-friendly, but the content it clicks to should be, too.
  3. CTA’s all-day – Here are some CTA best practices: 1) “click here” is boring, be super specific and straightforward instead. 2) Those links better pop visually. 3) A/B test your placement and it’s okay to repeat them elsewhere for skimmers.
  4. Get your timing and frequency right – Some emails are being read more than clicked because of the time of day or timing for a user journey where someone just isn’t ready to click. Think like a user and test out times.

For more CTR refreshers and real brand examples, check out Twilio Send Grid’s post.


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