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Meta Updates The Performance 5 Framework

Meta has updated its Performance 5 framework to optimize Meta ad performance. Check out these 5 best practices and case studies:

  1. Put ad creative in one central campaign. By reducing the number of ad sets from 69 to 15, fashion retailer Lele Sadoughi achieved a 41% increase in purchases and a 1.2x higher return on ad spend, enabling them to expand sales in new product categories beyond their signature jeweled headbands.
  2. Use automation tools to optimize campaigns. Clean beauty company Ogee’s Advantage+ shopping campaigns drove a 28% increase in ROAS and a 25% decrease in customer acquisition costs, leading to transformative holiday sales and subsequent months of higher revenue.
  3. Differentiate your creative by audience. Wild Alaskan successfully expanded its reach to seafood enthusiasts by diversifying their creative approach, resulting in a 43% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) and a 1.8x increase in purchases, particularly among a younger and health-conscious demographic.
  4. Utilize the Conversion API to improve campaign performance and measurement. By integrating the Conversions API and Meta Pixel with Shopify, men’s accessory company Ridge improved its event match quality (EMQ) score, resulting in increased conversions and lower cost per results. Ridge achieved an impressive EMQ score of 8.5, surpassing the recommended best practice of 6, which enhances the reliability of connecting customer actions to Meta accounts.
  5. Measure your campaign with Conversion Lift, A/B testing and marketing mix modeling. BrüMate successfully conducted a conversion lift study after implementing the Conversions API, revealing that a significant portion of incremental conversions from Meta ads were misattributed to other channels, leading to a better understanding of the true impact of their advertising efforts.

Read the full update at Meta.


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