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Microcopy to Boost Your UX

Every little bit counts when it comes to UX and what you are saying to your users. That’s where your microcopy comes to play.

We’ve covered this little slice of copywriting before, but let’s give you a refresh on microscopy. Microcopy is every tiny bit of copy on an interface. Some great examples are clever CTA’s (most commonly), product labels, descriptions, placeholders (especially for search bars), basically anywhere with text that isn’t your main attraction of copy.

Reasons to care about microcopy:

  • It gives more opportunities to inform your users.
  • In turn, that means fewer chances for weak user experiences.
  • It helps express your brand voice.

It’s good stuff, right? It’s one of those details for your UX that can set you apart from a competitor with a similar site, product, or packaging. But how do you use microcopy as effectively as possible?

Here are best practices for using microcopy:

  • You’re gonna need a crystal ball – Microcopy used well anticipates the needs of users before they know it. Look at your interface and walk yourself through it while asking where you could possibly add guidance or more information.
  • Keep your microcopy micro – Short, sweet, and to the point is the mantra for most instances of copy. Microcopy should be as brief as it gets to nudge a user.
  • A/B test your microcopy, too – Obviously, A/B testing is your go-to for all things being touched by a user to make sure it’s performing at its best. Test out your different CTAs, banners, and search fills.

Algolia is a developer of a few search-related products, so they know their stuff on UX. See their full post to see prime examples of companies using microcopy.


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